Gianni Misto’s jewellery creations could be defined as inspired by architectural patterns.

The genesis of each jewel is the result of a philosophical journey.

The marriage of jewellery and architectural issues is made evident by the dialogue between fullness and emptiness, conformity and chaos. Each piece of jewelry carries on this dialogue. So each jewel explains and hides its own dynamics, it is never static, just as nothing within an architectural concept will ever be static. Every jewels the artist creates is a journey into his own fascination for contemporary architecture.

The notion of time is central in this new journey . The subtle and never ending interaction of past and present is hidden and at the same time explicit in each jewel. For example, the artist let an ancient Etruscan stone ( an iron alloy used by the Etrurian, an ancient civilization in Tuscany,Italy) interact with contemporary design techniques. In doing this, the author try to create a bridge between two epochs, and furthermore creating an a-temporal dimension, where the notion of time is’ frozen’ and reshuffled within each creation, and where in the constraints of time become the fertile ground for new artistic and aesthetic challenges.

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